Getting to Tulum

Tulum, Mexico: Getting There

You’re interested in visiting Tulum but maybe you’re wondering how to get there.  While many people have heard of Cancun and other resort towns like Playa del Carmen, Tulum still holds the mystique of being a bit off the beaten path.  It’s not especially tough to get here and there are several options depending on the traveler.

Getting to Tulum map

Getting to Tulum, Mexico from Cancun is easy. A straight drive down the main coastal highway, 307, gets visitors to the heart of Tulum in less than 90 minutes.

While construction of an international airport has recently begun in Tulum, it is still several years away from completion.  Fortunately, Tulum is approximately 80 miles south of Cancun International Airport, a major international hub with offers arrival and departures from around the world.
From the airport, it’s just a matter of decided how you would like to get there.  There are several options.  Federal Highway 307 is a safe, well-signed roadway that runs straight from the airport and down to Tulum.  The drive takes less than 2 hours.  For this reason, many people choose to rent a car and drive down themselves.  Aside from observing the speed limit, there aren’t many concerns when considering this option and many people enjoy the flexibility that having transportation on hand gives them for day trips, exploring and excursions.  On average, car rental will run about $25 per day and you can book ahead of time through sites like Expedia.

Getting to Tulum ADO bus

Other options available to you include taking a bus, taxi or arranging for a private transfer.  ADO Autobus can get you to Tulum and is a safe method of transport—and also the cheapest.  You will need to take a bus from Cancun International Airport to Playa Del Carmen.  This can be booked ahead of time at the ADO website for around $140 pesos.  From there, you can take a bus from Playa del Carmen to Tulum for about $50 pesos.

Jumping in a taxi can seem like the easiest route, but the rates offered at the airport for transport to Tulum can often also make it the most expensive.

Finally, there are several private transfer companies that will meet you at the airport and offer you direct, private transfer to and from your hotel for a round-trip price.  The fee varies between companies, but there are several reputable ones available.  One such company that we’ve had excellent experiences with—even on 3 or 4 leg trips—has been USA Transfers.

With all these means at your disposal, the only question to ask as far as getting to Tulum, is how are you most comfortable?  From sharing a bus or exploring the open road in a rental to hiring a taxi or shuttle for door to door service, your transportation is covered.  And whichever way you decide to go, in less than 2 hours time, this is what you’ll find when you arrive.