Beauty and Style Meet at Ahau Tulum

Beauty and Style Meet at Ahau Tulum

Beauty and Style Meet at Ahau Tulum – A Destination-Tulum Hotel Review

Ahau Tulum Review

The Master Suites at Ahau Tulum offer 900 square feet of room including an expansive terrace.

It was our first full day at Ahau Tulum.  We walked out of our room onto the soft, white sand and had no problem finding a beach bed to claim as our own for the afternoon.  After ordering two pepino martinis—a refreshing variation of the martini with cucumber—from one of the attentive beach servers, we laid back on the bed and took in the ocean just feet from out bed.  It looked like a postcard.  The bright blue sky only surpassed by the crystal clear waters and its 7 shades of blue.  We were shielded from the hot Mexico afternoon sun by the hotel’s trademark yellow canopies.  The beach bed—one of the most comfortable on the beach—was large and designed so that each of us could recline our half to whatever angle we wanted.  If you say that this feature sounds like a little thing, you’d be right—it is a little thing.  But it’s clearly a tiny detail that received a lot of thought.  And it’s not the only one.  What adds so much value to this property is all these little things—the small finishing touches and dashes of personal style—that jump out to anyone observant enough to take a closer look.  If forced to sum it all up, you could say it in one word—“Ahau”.

Ahau Tulum entrance

Every detail of Ahau Tulum seems perfectly natural yet flawless.

Ahau Tulum, located along the central portion of Tulum’s hotel zone at the 7.5 km marker, is the creation of David Graziano.  Graziano moved from New York to Tulum, Mexico, where he focused the skills he once used to create several successful clubs in the Big Apple on creating a hotel that is charming, hip and rustic.  We bumped into him as we were climbing out of our rental car and were greeted warmly as he welcomed us and made sure that one of the staff had grabbed our bags and that we knew that reception was located up the stone stairs attached to the large dining and bar area.

ahau tulum lobby

The reception at Ahau Tulum is attached to the large open-air restaurant area, which doubles as a common area for guests to mingle or just unwind.

Walk up the stairs to the open-air restaurant overlooking the ocean and you can’t help but feel a combination of comfort and luxury.  Sandals and flipflops are lined up at the entrance to the wooden structure—no shoes required here—as melodic music helps set the mood and makes you feel as if you are hanging out in a giant bohemian beach clubhouse.  The clientele—seated at tables or lounging with the tablets or laptops on the extra-deep couches—look like they’d  be just as at home in a hipster scene like Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY as they do on the beaches of the Riviera Maya.

ahau tulum junior suites

The Junior Suites at Ahau are slightly scaled down versions of their big brothers—but perfect for a romantic getaway for two.

You have several room options available including either ground or second floor beach front Master and Junior Suites, garden situated Bali Huts and even a guest house.  Depending on the season—check out what time is best to visit Tulum on our Weather of Tulum page—you can book Junior Suites for somewhere between $200-$300, Master Suites for between $300-$400 and Bali Huts for around $64.  The first floor Junior and Master Suites offer air-conditioning while the top floor units don’t—it’s tough to air-condition a room that has a thatch roof.  Not that A/C is needed, but more on that later.

ahau tulum room

The interior of Ahau’s suites offer simplistic style, complete with upscale finishings including hardwood floors and hand-detailed walls.

Ahau Tulum beds

The mosquito netting might not be needed but the fans over the bed guarantee a good night’s sleep even without air-conditioning.

Ahau Tulum bathroom

The bathrooms at Ahau are minimalist but completely match the style of the property, right down to the decorative sink.

Ahau Tulum chairs

Each Junior Suite comes with a small sitting area but with the view outside, there’s not much reason to be sitting in your room.

Interior of Junior Suite Ahau Tulum

The style of the Junior Suites at Ahau instantly make you feel at home.

Ahau Tulum room

16 foot ceilings give the Junior Suites an airy feeling while the thatch roof remind you that you’re staying in a tropical getaway.

Terrace Ahau Tulum

Every room comes with a large terrace perfectly for watching the sunrise over the Caribbean.

We chose a top floor Junior Suite and were guided to our room—the very last one on the northern edge of the property.  The photos that we came across online definitely did the rooms justice.  The Junior Suite was obviously a smaller unit than the Master Suites, consisting of a bedroom—ours had 2 queen-sized beds since the king rooms were already booked—and bathroom area.  It came to around 350 square but what helped make the room seem larger was the 16 foot high A-framed palapa roof.  The room was clean and simply decorated with detailed hardwood flooring, a stone embedded shower floor, a large ceramic jug that is filled with drinkable water daily and ceiling fans over the beds.  The sturdy double doors in our room opened onto a large balcony.  This was possibly our favorite part of the room with wooden chairs and a multi-colored hammock that let you take in the swaying palms and rolling waves just 30 seconds from your room.  We were more than happy with the room though we were immediately jealous of the huge terrace that the Master Suites have.  Ours was more than enough, but if you are going back and forth between rooms and upgrading to one of those units isn’t going to break the bank, it looks like it’s well worth the extra money.

Hammock Ahau Tulum

The best seat in your room.

Ahau Tulum view

The view from your terrace is worth every penny as the sound of the surf lulls you to sleep.

Ahau Terrace

The balconies are large but still completely private even with rooms right next door.

Ahau Tulum Junior Suite beach view

Wake up to one of the most wonderful views of your life every morning at Ahau.

I mentioned that the upper rooms don’t have air-conditioning.  But we had the doors closed, the slates along the windows open for the breeze and the fan on over our bed and were more than comfortable throughout the night.  We even had to turn the fan to low because we woke up freezing at one point.

The property of  Ahau is also carefully designed, with winding sandy paths weaving between the units, dotted with palm trees, bushes and flowers.  For those who are into yoga or are in need of pampering, the hotel offers massages in your room or on your deck as well as a sunrise meditation and yoga session on their large yoga studio which is located on the second floor of the restaurant building.

Ahau Tulum sign

Signs welcome wanderers to stop in at Ahau.

Bali hut Ahau Tulum

The Bali Huts at Ahau Tulum offer guests a unique and affordable alternative to the pricier options on the beach. Set back in the garden setting, these huts are still only seconds from the beach.

Bali Hut exterior Ahau

Hammocks sway in the garden outside a Bali Hut.

Sculpture Ahau Tulum

Little touches greet those curious enough to look at more than just the picture perfect beach at Ahau.

Flowers at Ahau Tulum

Great care and planning were put into all aspects of Ahau Tulum, local flora and plant-life are scattered all over for anyone who just opens their eyes.

Ahau Flower Tulum

Little things gain a newfound appreciation when you stay in such a magical setting.

Guests are also welcome to climb the stairs of the hotel’s water tower.  From the top of the well-maintained wooden viewing platform, you can watch as the sun fades beneath the jungle canopy to the west.

water tower ahau view ocean

Guests are welcome to take the climb up the water tower. Those willing to take the quick walk up the stairs are rewarded with amazing views.

Ahau Water tower

The top level of the water tower is the perfect place to watch the ocean, see the jungle or view the birds flying overhead.


Great care was taken in everything at Ahau, even the railings along the water tower are perfectly finished.

View of Ahau from water tower.

View of the beach from up on the water tower.

Ahau’s location is another of its major assets.  One of the best modes of transportation in Tulum is by foot—walking the beach road to explore the different hotels and restaurants in the area.  With its central location, you are within a 3-10 minute walk of several of the best dining options including Villas Las Estrellas, Ziggy’s, Cenzontle, Simple, Casa Jaguar, Gitano and Hartwood.  Others are not much further or are a $40-50 MXP taxi drive away.

That’s not to say that you have to leave the hotel if you didn’t want to.  Ahau offers a full service restaurant as well as a beach bar for guests and visitors.  The drinks are made well and respectably strong, our favorites being the pepino martini that I mentioned earlier and the pepino margarita—its tequila-based cousin.  The restaurant serves up breakfast (think eggs, hot oatmeal, fresh fruit, refreshing fruit and vegetable juices), lunch and dinner (healthy options plus great fish tacos, tuna spring rolls and freshly made Mexican choices).  The price is fair in Tulum standards.  In fact, when we settled up during check-out, the tab for our drinks and food was considerably less than I guessed it was going to cost for our 3-night stay.

Ahau Tulum Beach

Chairs and hammocks are scattered throughout Ahau’s pristine beach.

Ahau Beach Bed Tulum

For couples, the beach beds are the best on the beach. Sit close to each other while each of you are able to recline to exactly the angle you want.

ahau tulum beach bed

The staff at the beach bar are more than happy to bring you whatever you need so you don’t have to get off of the best beach beds that you’ll ever lay on.

Beach bar ahau Tulum

The beach bar offers guests perfectly mixed drinks without ever having to move off your seat.

Ahau Tulum Restaurant

The immense restaurant offers guests a great view, excellent service and a place to hang out all day long.

Ahau Tulum restaurant bar

The bar at Ahau’s restaurant serves up fresh juice, coffee and espressos as well as some great cocktails all day long.

Ahau Tulum Master Suite

Guests staying at these Master Suites are just a few feet from the restaurant and beach but the atmosphere is so chill and relaxed that you’ll never find yourself complaining about “all the noise from the bar” when it’s time to wind down.

Ahau Master Suite first floor

The suites at Ahau somehow manage to combine the rustic beach hideaway feel with upscale comfort and style.

the beach at Ahau Tulum

One of the most idyllic beaches in Tulum.

Ahau beach seating

The beach club area of Ahau is expertly designed to allow guests plenty of space while never feeling overcrowded and losing its laidback atmosphere.

Beach bar of Ahau Hotel Tulum

The construction of Ahau is whimsical but simple. Everything you lay you eyes on looks amazing while blending in perfectly with the natural beach environment.

breakfast ahau tulum

Don’t forget to enjoy the healthy breakfast at Ahau Tulum. A perfect way to start your day off on the right foot.

Breakfast at Ahau

Don’t worry—for those of you not looking for just fruit—there are plenty of other great options too. Plus giant fresh juices.

When looking back on our stay, I can’t think of any cons.  In fact the only thing that struck us as mildly annoying was the music one night.  We got back to the hotel for dessert and a few final cocktails and this very long and repetitive new-age type song was playing.  I thought I recognized the female singer’s voice and Shelley pointed out that it was the same relaxing music that we heard during breakfast that morning.  We laughed and looked around, joking that it was so mellow that there was a good chance the music was designed to lull us to sleep.  We laughed it off until the next song came on, remarkably similar to the previous one—same for the one after that.  Apparently they were just playing the whole album.  Suddenly tired and thinking maybe  we were nuts because it didn’t seem to bother anyone else, we called it a night.   Waking up to the sunrise the next morning, we arrived at the restaurant for breakfast and couldn’t help but laugh.  The same album was playing again.  Maybe it’s the Ahau theme song.  It definitely fits the morning vibe when you are just starting the day but we were almost curious enough to hang around the entire day to see if the music ever changed—almost.

The moaning singer aside, staying at Ahau was like a calming dream. We had high expectations when we booked the hotel and they were instantly met upon arrival.  While the staff working the restaurant and bar weren’t overly chatty,—which is something we actually like sometimes, but I know some people enjoy going away and being left alone—they were definitely friendly and willing to go the extra mile to make you happy.  The  beach was perfect.  Less busy than some of the areas a bit to the north but still more active than some of the quieter hotels towards the end of the hotel zone, which was perfect for us.  The management, Arturo, and reception staff were truly interested to know how we enjoyed our stay and if we had any recommendations on how to improve the Ahau experience.  Little things like that always leave the guest feeling pleased.  The rooms, design and decor are all simple wood and stone, yet tied together with unique touches, finely finished wood, intricate light fixtures and upscale beach furnishings.  Everything added to the overall feel of the hotel—which was perfectly blissful and almost zen-like.  You couldn’t help but feel mellow as you sat on the restaurants deck enjoying a delicious breakfast while soothing music—yes, that music—played in the background.

Ahau Tulum View from room

We are going to miss this view. One night here and you will too.

Puppy at Ahau

And of course for dog lovers, there are plenty of perros wandering the beach. Including this little pup who got his first dog treat from us.

The Beach of Ahau Tulum, Mexico

This picture could probably give the Corona ads a run for their money.

Kitesurfing at Ahau

For those of your who are active, their is kite-surfing lessons a few feet away—or you could just enjoy the show.

On the hotel’s website, they explain why they chose the name “Ahau”.
“We’ve chosen the name of Kin Ahau – Sun God – Ahau lives by spirit and operates from universal heart – Ahau is universal consciousness. It is represented by the crown chakra. Ahau prepares us to enter what the Mayans call THE ITZA AGE, also referred to by the Tibetans as the Golden Age – Satya Yuga initiating the healing process for the entire planet and humanity, thus initiating the age of Enlightenment, knowledge and peace.”

It sounds like a bold statement, but after only 3 nights at their hotel, it’s safe to say that the staff and management at Ahau have definitely found the recipe to accurately capture the essence of this age of enlightenment, knowledge and peace.



  1. Excelente artículo y las imágenes son estupendas, fabulosas, bellísimas, de un lugar tan espléndido y maravilloso como es este hotel.

    Excellent article and the pics are amazing, fabulous. beautiful.. from such esplendid and wonderful place as is this hotel.

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  2. Excelente artículo y las imágenes son estupendas, fabulosas, bellísimas, de un lugar tan espléndido y maravilloso como es este hotel.

    Excellent article and the pics are amazing, fabulous. beautiful.. from such esplendid and wonderful place as is this hotel.

    Gracias por compartirlo

    Thanks to share it.

    Cosmic Blessings

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