Calling All Ex-pats living in Tulum!

Calling All Ex-pats living in Tulum!

Its obvious that the peaceful simplicity “Tulum life” has to offer has given expats more than a few reasons to drop everything back home and settle down in this quaint, quiet, lifestyle that doesn’t have you waiting for “Friday” to look forward to some much needed R&R. We get inspired by the many people who’ve decided to finally take that next step in their lives and do the MOVE….Tulum Style!

So tell us about yourselves, we want to hear about the many suggestions, advice, and personal experiences that ex-pats have when they moved to Tulum or other areas in the vicinity…

Moving…Living…and Finding a home

What areas around Tulum are you living in that are safe and secure?

Did you move your whole family or just yourself down to Mexico? If you moved your whole family, what are your suggestions about getting your stuff from back home to be delivered to Tulum? Are there any downfalls or hardships that go along with making such an extreme decision to move?

Where do you do your grocery shopping? Do you have a specific place you go to that has everything you need?

Jobs and the like….

Have  you noticed the job market a little bit easier here in Tulum? And do restaurants and hotels look for people who speak both English and Spanish?

What does your day consist of regarding: work, shopping, home cleaning and errands..?

Health Care and Services in Tulum

Are you affiliated with any health plans or services in the Tulum area? What are your suggestions?

Schools in Tulum…

Are there any schools in the Tulum area for children? What about day cares in the area?

Are there any Colleges/Universities located in the area?

What to pursue here….

We want to bring together locals, ex-pats, and newbies who either already live, moved to Tulum or making the move as we speak, and to spread some much needed advice and suggestions to people who are thinking about letting loose, and leaving the very stressful grind of New York behind!

Please feel free to comment below and answer as many questions as you want! We can’t wait to hear all of the great information that you can share with all of us!






  1. I’m going to Tulum on February 1, 2018 and is like to meet empatas as locals. I speak both, English and Spanish.
    Please, contact me here and we plan meeting in Tulum.
    Thank you,

  2. Are you still running this blog?

    • Hello Antonio,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Unfortunately, due to some other projects, we had to take some time away from the blog. But we’re back now…better late than never. And have some ideas to make Destination-Tulum better than ever. Stay tuned!

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