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Why choosing a Destination Wedding will keep you Happy and SANE…

Admit it, the thought of having a destination wedding causes questions that are screaming for your attention…
How do we get all of our guests to the destination we choose?
Who will help us plan and get all of our requests done? Can we trust her/him?
How are we getting all of our decorations, wedding favors, dress, suit to the hotel?!
Did we send the invites out in time for our guests to take time off from work/school?!


Just imagine yourself getting married in paradise.

Just imagine yourself getting married in paradise.


We can go on and on racking our brains trying to nail down every detail and we’ll still be asking questions as to what else would be needed to make this stressful yet beautiful time in your life run smoothly. It’s a time that should gracefully exude love, intimacy and connection—which is the very reason why your getting married in the first place.  But we tend to leave those ideals on the back burner when we get wrapped up in trying to plan the perfect wedding. What is a perfect wedding anyways? Does it mean everything goes exactly as planned? Does it mean that all your requests for your decor, music and flowers are spot on and that bridal and groom attire are perfectly fitted and glowing with beauty? As you may or may not know, nothing goes as planned, but here’s the kicker—nothing is perfect—but it can be if you let it. Destination weddings allow the bride and groom as well as family and friends to be on their very own vacation as well as attend the best ceremony and reception that they’ve ever been to in their lives. Why? Simple, the very thought of getting away from it all and being able to hang out by the pool or lounge beach side, sipping on cocktails, eating at different restaurants (if you choose all-inclusive) and just being able to relax is what most guests are looking forward to. The weather, the decor, the attire, the flower and favors, these things don’t even cross anyone’s mind except yours because this is your wedding and stressing about the minute details is what you’re supposed to do. But look at the big picture—why are you here?  What we want is a beautiful time and for everyone around us to be happy. Don’t stress about the little things, because none of your guests are.  You have to realize that they’re already happy….because they’re on VACATION!


Our wedding at the Excellence Resort Riviera Maya

Our wedding at the Excellence Resort Riviera Maya

Destination weddings give you a two for one deal. You and your guests get to be on vacation and they get to attend a wedding. If that hasn’t sold you then here’s this, it’s a lot more fun than sitting in a stuffy hall for a cookie-cutter wedding like everyone has been to a dozen times and paying ridiculous amounts of money that can bankrupt you and set you back on your plans for the future. While your guests arrive at the hotel/resort you should be confident that you did enough research that you chose an accommodating place for people to stay which will alleviate the worry of guests not being happy with room, food, etc. Being in contact with the hotel’s wedding coordinator is obviously your number one priority because this person will be your “go-to” person for everything. Email is your best friend here and so is your Wedding Coordinator.  Just remember to breath and relax when your emails aren’t answered within 2 hours.  Your WC is inundated with couples requesting information and making plans and the culture of the country that you are planning your wedding might not be as fast paced as what you are accustomed to.  This doesn’t mean you are forgotten, they’ll get back to you and as the day comes closer, your wedding will move up on their priority list as the final details get ironed out.  Besides, although it may sound like there’s too much to plan, too much to bring with you, and finding a way for people to get there might feel like unnecessary stress, the truth is that it’s not! Its fun to plan your own wedding and personalize it to how you’ve always imagined.  You’ll be remembering these moments of discussing the specifics for years to come. Browsing Pinterest for decor ideas and purchasing little touches from sites like Etsy, sending pictures and questions to your Wedding Coordinator and picking out items from their wedding package.


A picture of my wedding dress right before walking down the aisle to marry my best friend!

A picture of my wedding dress…

The main point here is that you and your partner are going to profess your love for each other by becoming one. Sharing this amazing time in your life with the people that you care about is what is matters at the end of the day. There’s no reason to be wary of planning to do a destination wedding because ultimately everything does work out. These hotels have made a business out of catering to coupes celebrating their marriage, so as long as you did your research when you chose the destination, you can trust that you are in good hands.  Plus, the little hiccups will be the things that you laugh about later on.

Just by being away from it all makes a destination wedding so special.  And meeting new people who will assist you with your wedding plans along the way helps your sanity because if you choose the right hotel they’ll accommodate your wedding requests as needed.  You should be confident that you’ll be prepared, pampered and creating memories that your guests will be talking about for years to come!  Don’t worry about the guest turn out, just give everyone enough time to decide and the people who are most important will be there.  Our wedding ended up being an amazing experience and we couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.  We had a chance to hang out with our guests for days, and allow them to get to know each other—something that’s not possible in a traditional wedding which is more like a 3 hour whirlwind.  Each of our guests—people who have been to tons of weddings—came up and thanked us for inviting them to the best wedding that they’d ever attended.

Perfectly set up by the wedding coordinator and her team. They met all of our expectations here at the Excellence Resort.

Perfectly set up by the wedding coordinator and her team. They met all of our expectations here at the Excellence Resort.


By doing some research  on the informational wedding website/forum BestDestinationWedding, you will be able to research where to go, who to contact, what to do all while interacting with a community of other destination brides as you plan your big day.  We still are in awe with how wonderful our wedding turned out at the Excellence Riviera Cancun Resort. Our family and friends had  such an enormous amount of fun they want us to do an anniversary/reunion in Mexico, which we’re already trying to plan. We have only positive reviews and memories from our destination wedding. We chose an artistically creative photographer, Lori Lemieux who started Sweet Fire Photography in Playa Del Carmen. She has crafted her wonderful skills and caught every moment we might have missed.  She captured all of our beautiful moments with fun and professionalism and we couldn’t speak more highly of her or her team.

So if you’re looking for a way to celebrate your wedding day that is different—something that you and your guests will remember more than sitting in a catering hall for a few hours—look into a Destination Wedding!  All that’s required is love, close family and friends and the ability to let go of our micromanaging tendencies in order to trust that everything will work out.  In the end, it will be the fairy tale that you’ve always dreamed of.

If you choose to embark on a destination wedding, don’t forget that some locations like Mexico offer unique experiences that you can never have anywhere else like Trash the Dress.  For more information on our experience with this amazing new tradition, check out our review of our TTD session with Del Sol Photography.

Dancing the night away...!

Dancing the night away…!



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