In the mood for some of the best–and freshest–seafood Tulum has to offer? Then you have to visit Simple. Chef Richy Zapata’s restaurant perfectly captures the Tulum vibe. A charming open-air establishment illuminated by dimly lit candles, an open kitchen, friendly staff and the occasional live musical act, Simple is a can’t miss destination for a meal or just a drink.

The best part about Zapata’s restaurant is the food though. Guests can walk up to a glass case where the catches of the day are displayed on ice. A chef will cut a portion for you and suggest one of several amazing rubs or marinades that can be used in the fish’s preparation on the grill. All that’s left is to sit back, order a delicious appetizer and sip on a tequila, wine or cocktail while you wait.

The idea behind Simple is simple, but the flavors and freshness of the food is anything but. This is probably why so many people say they end up eating there more than once during their trip.




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