Perros of Tulum

Welcome to our Perros of Tulum Gallery

Both of us are animal lovers.  But Shelley has a soft spot for one animal in particular—the dog.  All dogs, any dog.  We can’t spot a perro strolling the Tulum playa without running over to say hello—or “hola”, since they never understand us when we speak English—and asking the pooch if they’d be down for a photo op.
There are quite a few canines walking the beach road of Tulum.  Some are walking with their owners, who have come to the beach to enjoy the sun and surf, while other adorable doggies are the “mascots”of particular hotels and follow guests up and down the sandy shore.  Regardless of who they belong to, they’re all as friendly and relaxed as the people who live in the Tulum and we can’t wait to go back with an extra bag full of food for our new-found friends.
We’ll be adding new photos of our chance meetings with the Perros of Tulum in the future.  If you have an image of a friendly Tulum pooch that you want to share, please send it to us via our Contact Page and we’ll be happy to add it to our gallery.
On a more serious note: there is a stray problem in many places of the world.   Even Tulum is not immune and it is truly heartbreaking to see.  Malnourished dogs are left to their own devices, forced to fend for themselves, and lacking proper vaccinations, altering or veterinary care.  There are some organizations that are trying to help these defenseless animals.  One that is doing some really great things is Playa Animal Rescue.  Visit their webpage or follow them on Twitter to learn more.

Here are are latest additions. You can click on an image to start a slideshow.

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