What to Pack

You’re off to Tulum? Don’t worry,
What You Need to Pack.


Packing can be many things.  Stressful, aggravating, annoying or confusing are terms that frequently come to some travelers’  minds.  It doesn’t have to  be though, especially if you know exactly what to pack for your vacation.  Here’s a list of the items that are essential for your trip to Tulum, Mexico.

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  • Biodegradable & Water-Resistant Sunscreen (The tropical sun will sneak up on you in no time.)
  • Sunglasses
  • A camera (Sure a cell phone will do, but there are some amazing photo opportunities. If you do bring one, don’t forget spare batteries or the charger.)
  • Your cell phone (And other electronic devices if you don’t want to totally unplug—and again, don’t forget their chargers.)
  • Sneakers and a pair of sandals
  • Your Passport, credit cards and Identification (Make a copy of all the documents and keep it somewhere safe just in case.)
  • Your medications (And toss a few travel packs of Advil, Claritin, Tums and Immodium-AD in as well. You could find these items in town, but if you need them, you won’t want to go searching.)
  • Toiletries
  • A small beach bag
  • A small flashlight (For navigating the beach road at night. One per person is recommended.)
  • Couple of bathing suits
  • Casual attire for most days and nights (Honestly, a couple of shorts and t-shirts or polos for men or a couple of simple dresses for women will do.)
  • A light sweater Just in case there is a slight breeze as you walk the beach at night.)
  • That book you haven’t been able to read yet (Paper or electronic form is acceptable.)
  • Cash (Some of your own currency is fine but try to exchange a decent amount into Pesos because you’ll save a bit of $ in the long run.)
  • A few pairs of socks (Not many, you’ll likely only be wearing them to and from the airport.)
  • Undergarments
  • Aloe (In case you forgot to put on Item #1.)
  • Biodegradable Bug Spray (There’s a good chance that you’ll need it.)


A Few Things that You Won’t Need

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  • Your Hair Dryer (Most hotels in the Hotel Zone can’t handle the amps one would use.)
  • Flashy jewelery (Tulum is fairly laidback plus it’s just one extra thing to worry about.)
  • Dress shoes (for men and women)
  • Water (A lot of people worry about the water in Mexico but the hotels in the area, as well as the local shops, carry bottled water.)