Tulum’s Quiet Beauty- Why visiting Tulum is good for your soul…

Tulum’s Quiet Beauty- Why visiting Tulum is good for your soul…

We all need some Peace and Quiet….

Let’s be honest here, people love being around other people. We’re social beings so it usually takes that certain someone with personality to liven up those stale or boring moments.  You might be looking around with your drink in hand thinking about what else you can talk about, watching other people in large party groups at the swim up pool bar acting foolish and screaming drunken gander—but it’s entertaining and lively so how can you not like being around this? A techno or Spanish music beat pumps out of the speakers by the pool, and you’re mingling and feeling your beachy drink calm your stressed mind and body.
But what if we took all that away—the mega resort hotel settings—and all-inclusive goes to non-inclusive?  You’d realize that your happiness is sitting right in front of you and all around you. Sure, this  might sound like a boring song to some people, but it also might be just the awakening that others with the right mindset and open hearts and curious minds have been looking for all along.

Excellence Hotel in Riviera Maya. A beautiful mega-resort that's filled with people, parties, and opposite attraction that Tulum, Mexico offers.

Excellence Hotel in Riviera Maya. A beautiful mega-resort that’s filled with people and parties offers an attraction that is quite the opposite of what you’ll find in Tulum, Mexico.


Enjoying the calm beauty Tulum, Mexico exhibits through its peaceful beaches and its authentic Mexican vibe.









Why Tulum’s quiet beauty is good for your soul
Tulum, Mexico does exactly the opposite of what commercial mega-resorts do for party people. Tulum lives and breathes beach front restaurants, hotels and bars,  jungle-like milieu, and a habitat of tranquil art. It allows you to visit lush jungle settings, tropical beaches and ancient ruins as questions like “what if” and “how come” swirl through your mind. Your surrounded by a beautiful historical environment that has been transformed into an almost  sacred space to some travelers.

Most hotels are equipped without TV’s or telephones—in some you’ll be lucky to find a WiFi signal.  So instead of these distractions, all you have is the person  you went on vacation with and the many reasons why you’re together in the first place. Take the quiet of Tulum and train your mind to enjoy the rejuvenation, the peace and the quiet that lingers around you. Don’t be afraid nor feel guilty to nap on the beach for half the day. This doesn’t mean your lazy and it surely isn’t because you’ve had a rough day. It’s because your body and mind were in need of the rest.  Rest from your mind being preoccupied with stressful thinking of the daily grind, rest from the wear and tear of the daily grind has taken on your body. This is why Tulum has received such an increase in popularity lately. The essence of beachful bliss, remote solitude and the unique, rustic hotels are exactly what vacationers are looking for.

Relaxing and peaceful=Tulum
Here in Tulum the friendly staff of quaint cabana hotels and restaurants—with their vibes of sincerity, warmth and hospitality—welcome you, offering you a true “holiday” and a secure sanctuary of stress-free accommodations.  The attention and privacy that you receive makes you feel as if you’re in a place with your name written all over it. It’s a place where you can enjoy not having to be at a certain place at a certain time. It’s a place where the quiet beauty of Tulum allows you to drift through conversations with the people you’re with because you have all the time in the world. You can lay quietly and contemplate which authentically rustic yet jungle-trendy restaurant to dine at or plan the next mixed cocktail you’d like to order.  There are so many opportunities in Tulum to meditate on your whole existence—which is why doting and reflecting over a place such as this is so common.  And it is from these memories of this happy place that so many people feel the need to keep coming back.
For whatever reason you decided to visit Tulum, you’ll be revisiting an inner peace that you long ago forgot about or never knew you had. But you must realize that the quiet beauty that lays all around your  stay is here for a reason and not to bore you out of your mind.  It’s here to teach you how to find entertainment within your surroundings, within yourself and the company you’re with.  It teaches you to appreciate the simple things in life far better than hanging around the swim-up bar of an all-inclusive behemoth ever could.  The first thing we recommend you do when visiting Tulum is let your friendly hotel staff bring your suitcases to your room, put your bathing suit on, grab the book you’ve been trying to finish for a year now and settle down on one of the many beach beds or chairs that your hotel offers. With most of these beautiful hotels—filled with inspired rustic decor and hand-crafted, one of a kind accents throughout their property and rooms—it’s impossible to not be inspired by the illuminating art and gentle energy that Tulum showcases.  We all need some type of “getaway” because our schedules convince us that non-stop busy lifestyles are the only way to live your life. I beg to differ and so will you once you visit Tulum, Mexico. You’ll be able to stop and smell the roses—or maybe the beach air in this case.  And with any luck, maybe that mentality of taking time to enjoy what really matters in life won’t just stop when you check out of your hotel.  Maybe, just maybe, you’ll take it home with you.  How much better would life be if you remembered to take a break from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the ones that matter, appreciate a sunrise or simply take some “me time”?

Quiet Beauty in Tulum

With surroundings like this, it’s easy to let your cares and worries slip away.

Tulum is the kind of place that offers relaxation as well as the  realization of why your vacationing in the first place. Listening to the birds chirp in the morning, lounging on your hotel terrace, or strolling on the beach, you find that Tulum does in fact entertain your mind, body, and soul even better than any huge resort hotel ever could.  This quiet beauty is allowing you to feel free of busy routines and schedules. It allows you to fill your time with small conversation, meandering walks along the beach and going with the flow.  It’s truly medicine for the mind, body and soul.  When you return home, the only thing on your mind will be, “When are we going back.”



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