Our Trash the Dress Adventure with Del Sol Photography

Our Trash the Dress Adventure with Del Sol Photography

Trash the Dress Adventure with Del Sol Photography


Standing in the jungle…just the beginning of our trash the dress shoot with Del Sol Photography.


  We were an hour into our trash the dress photo session when the sun went in. We both stood there trying to balance ourselves on the cool limestone rocks submerged in the cenote. Waiting for the sun to come back out, we tried our best not to show how cold we suddenly were, me in my wet khaki suit and Shelley in her waterlogged wedding gown. But as if on cue, the sun came back out, drenching us in its warmth just as Debora, our photographer, finished resetting her underwater camera equipment and gave us the signal that we were going back in for more.

  Want to find out more about our trash the dress experience? Well, you’ve come to the right place.


trashing the wedding dress in mexico

They don’t call it “trash the dress” for nothing.


  Trash the Dress. It’s a trend that’s quickly gaining popularity among newlyweds, particularly those choosing to be married in tropical destinations. Couples are photographed in unique environments and situations: surrounding by wildlife or urban decay, wading through the ocean or the waters of a cenote, the bridal gown drenched in rays of sunlight or being lit on fire by a radiant couple. It’s original, it’s different, and it totally makes sense! Why not take advantage of the natural beauty of a place like the Riviera Maya and create something totally different from the run-of-the-mill wedding album?

  We had researched the idea but it wasn’t until we came across the photo galleries on Del Sol Photography  that we were totally sold. How cool and unique would it be to have photos of us submerged in crystal clear water, on a remote beach, or in a lush jungle environment? If a wedding is once-in-a-lifetime, why shouldn’t the photo shoot be as well?

  I’ll be writing a review of the awesome staff who worked with us in our review section shortly.  But I will say that they were amazing.  They made the day enjoyable and easy-going and their enthusiasm for what they do was contagious.

  But here, I want to tell you about an experience we would have never had if weren’t willing to try something different.  Here we were at a magical cenote a few miles south of Playa Del Carmen, 3 days after our beachfront ceremony, dressed in full wedding garb.


Wandering through the jungle surrounding a cenote for our trash the dress session.


  We wandered through the lush jungle that surrounded the cenote, taking breaks for sips from the Corona nip bottles or tequila the staff kept stocked in their cooler, as our photographer came up with great photo ideas.  

  First, we stood in the middle of the jungle as an assistant lit incense and fanned smoke towards us, catching the sunlight as it pieced the thick canopy overhead.

  The next part of our day involved underwater pictures in the nearby cenote. Cenotes are openings in the limestone ground that expose parts of the vast underwater river system flowing beneath the Yucatan’s surface.


Submerged in the refreshing water of the cenote for our trash the dress shoot.


  We swam in the shimmering waters of the cenote, being coached on how to look natural while under water and dressed to the nines (it’s harder than you’d think). Even for me, someone who isn’t keen on being the focal point of a picture, it was an amazing time because of the laughs we were having with each other and with the crew. Besides, even the most camera-shy among us has to realize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime type moment.



  The cold water was refreshing in the heat of the Mexico sun and gave us a renewed burst of energy. Though wading in the waters between shots became a little less comfortable whenever the sun ducked behind some scattered clouds. Thankfully, we were moving around enough to stay warm and keep our mind off the occasional chill.

  Three hours…and countless laughs…later, we saw the crew packing up. Thinking we were done, we climbed back into the van and asked what time we’d be back at our hotel. Debora smiled and informed us that we weren’t finished just yet. She wanted to get some more shots and had the perfect place in mind. 

 The van turned off the main highway onto a sandy road that cut through the jungle. Our destination? A secret stretch of beach just below Playa Del Carmen. On the “road” to the beach, we stopped at a local Mayan’s small house and spoke with him, playing with his adorable litter of puppies as they nibbled on their daily lunch of coconuts.


mayan puppy in mexico

One of the adorable local residents we met during our photo shoot.


  We arrived at the final site of our trash the dress shoot. It was one of the most picturesque beaches we’d ever seen. White powder sand and water of every imaginable shade of blue and green. As busy as we were, time had crept up on us and the sun was about to set. We tried different shots: in the surf, on the beach, and silhouetted by the magical light of the sun as it dropped into the jungle.


Enjoying the magical ocean of the Riviera Maya during our trash the dress photo shoot.


 Six hours in, we were physically spent (and had a newfound appreciation for professional models!). Still the crew’s energy was limitless and they encouraged us to keep working for more shots. We muscled through another thirty minutes until, weary from the weight of our water-logged clothes, we told them we were done for the day. Debora smiled and assured us that we’d been troopers and that she was excited to get to work on the images.


Sunset hits the beach of Mexico…and signals the end of our exciting day.


  The perfect ending to a long day, we were driven back to our hotel in Puerto Morelos by Debora and her assistant. They shared their stories and played some of their favorite songs for us. Exhausted but exhilarated, we thanked them for the incredible experience and reluctantly climbed out of the van. As tired as we were, we knew that a special, unforgettable moment in our lives was coming to an end.

  We’ve only gotten sneak peaks so far, thanks to the super-friendly Ael over at Del Sol, but if these images are anything to go by, we’re going to be thrilled with the final results. Even more importantly, we had an extraordinary experience that too few couples have. We’re newlyweds in a tropical paradise. We’re floating and laughing in magical cenotes.  We’re trudging through sand and running through stunning turquoise waves at a secluded, local beach. We’re leaning on a mangrove, jungle surrounding us, as bellows of copal incense waft through the air. We’re laughing and hanging out with two of the coolest photographers you’ll ever meet (not to mention a hysterical shuttle driver).  We’re stopping the van on a dirt road because a dog is blocking the road (and Shelley’s loves all perros) only to end up holding six week old boxer puppies.

  Sure, an experience like this costs you. But when you weigh out what we got in return…the photos and more importantly, the memories…it was worth every single penny.



Be sure to check out our full review of our Trash the Dress experience and view the full slide show on Del Sol Photography’s website.


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