El Pez Hotel -Tulum’s Perfect Escape

El Pez Hotel -Tulum’s Perfect Escape

A Perfect Escape at Tulum’s El Pez Hotel


El Pez hotel review

You’ll find El Pez hotel just two minutes south of the “busy” center of Tulum’s main beach road.


  There are many things to love about Tulum.  One thing that comes to mind are the hotels. You’re not staying in some mega resort like you’d expect in other Mexico hotspots like Cancun because in Tulum, there aren’t any. Instead, you find smaller hotels promising everything from a rustic experience to eco-friendly luxury. Even better, most are located right on one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. 

  You can walk out of your room and the sparkling Caribbean is 15 feet away complete with white sand and crystal clear, turquoise waters. You can wander the beach visiting different restaurants, hotels and bars at your leisure, without the claustrophobic feeling that you’re stuck on an all-inclusive resort.  One of the best hotels in the area was one that we passed by many times during our visits to Tulum—El Pez Hotel.

  El Pez is one of four Tulum boutique hotels owned by Colibri Properties. With 3 sister hotels in the area—Mi Amor, Mezzanine, and La Zebra—the company manages to offer guests the choice of 4 beautifully appointed accommodation options each with their own distinct personalities.

  What attracted us to El Pez this time around was its unique location. The property is situated along an attract

ive rocky cove, Turtle Cove, with calm, tranquil waters are protected by small rocky bluffs that dot its shoreline. The hotel also has a beautiful stretch of white sandy beach for those looking for a more traditional beach experience. Plus, the hotel’s proximity to everything else Tulum had to offer made it ideal. You can walk 5 to 10 minutes in either direction and find yourself in either the “main town” area of Tulum’s beach access road, with restaurants like Mateo’s and Pura Corazon, or in the southern hotel area with the best beaches and establishments such as Ziggy’s Beach Club and The Hartwood restaurant.

  We had been spoiled by the immediate access to jaw-dropping beaches that our previous stays at Ahau, The Beach Tulum, and Nueva Vida de Ramiro had offered us. So we were admittedly concerned about the whole “rocky bluff” situation but decided that perhaps a different location would be just what the doctor ordered. We were 100% right.


Arriving at El Pez hotel, you are immediately welcomed by the rustic beach style that Tulum is famous for.

  Our worries were put to rest when we arrived. A friendly security guard offered to help with our bags and escorted us through the oversized wooden doors into the huge, thatch-roofed common area that served as the hotel’s reception, restaurant, and bar—it was stunning. Spacious, bright, airy, and vibrantly decorated in bohemian, beach style, the hotel managed to capture that elusive combination of modern and tropical.

  We were greeted by a smiling woman at the front desk who introduced us to one of the hotel’s operation managers, Joel.  They exuded warmth and took the time to talk to us—inquiring about where we were from and offering us some helpful tips on the area from a local’s perspective.


The main building of El Pez hotel exudes warmth and energy. It serves as the front desk, restaurant, access to the ocean side rooms, and most importantly…


…the bar.

  El Pez offers guests 6 room options—Sea Front King, La Casa Sea Front, Luxury Cabana Sea View, La Casa Luxury Room, Beach House Sea Front, and the Beach House Master Suite. All rooms have great views of the ocean and feel very private. Booking a room here will cost you between $175-$500 USD per night depending on what time of year you travel (with the best deals being found between May and December 1st.). Booking directly through the hotel website offers a few perks such as complimentary breakfast, welcome cocktails, cocktail vouchers for each of its 3 sister hotels, and a bottle of sparkling wine. We opted for the Luxury Cabana and were thrilled that they were able to honor our request for a top floor room since there’s nothing better than sleeping with your terrace doors wide open and being lulled to sleep by the sound of the ocean.

  We were escorted to our room and were pleasantly surprised—it was bigger and more amazing then we’d imagined. Online pictures don’t do this hotel justice. The room was large, immaculate, and had great rustic touches like wood paneling, gorgeous concrete and tile floors, and a high palapa roof. The room had a large king bed and a single bed with a rollout stowed underneath, an enormous bathroom, fantastic lighting, and a huge balcony complete with chairs and a large double sunbed that overlooked Turtle Cove. If the excellent welcome we received when checking in wasn’t enough to make us fall in love with El Pez, then stepping foot in our room definitely was. The room allowed you to feel instantly comfortable—like a home away from home—while also making you instantly aware that you were staying in a tropical paradise.


Inside the Luxury Cabana at El Pez hotel, you’ll find a ridiculously comfortable king-size bed (with mosquito netting, just in case), ample space, rustic accents, and room for an additional 2 people to sleep.




But let’s not forget the amazing view and the wonderful terrace where you can totally lose track of time.



  Let’s talk about that balcony for a moment. Stepping out onto it,  you don’t just see the hotel’s immaculate property, you see everything—from north to south and all the way out beyond the horizon. Shows like Beachfront Bargain Hunt have inoculated us to the phrase “million dollar view” but it’s the only way to describe what you feel when you gaze out at the view from that terrace.

  Beneath our balcony was a well-manicured section of bright green lawn with shaded loungers overlooking the water.  Straight ahead, two rock formations were jutting out of the ocean as small waves splashed against them. People were climbing the rocks—local fishermen tossing nets and lines into the water looking for today’s catch were mingling with tourists and local families who gathered to watch the sunset behind the hotel.  The rocks block the current from coming in strongly so instead of heavy surf, gentle waves lap onto the shore. Since the water was calmer there were patches of seaweed growing and there were also a few stray rocks scattered here and there.  Still, the sand is groomed daily and all of El Pez’s beachfront is kept pristine and spotless.

  We climbed onto the rocks and watched as pelicans and other seabirds dove for fish in the cove. We sat down and took a moment to appreciate how lucky we were to be experiencing this natural beauty. It’s funny. We were so used to being right on the beach that we were hesitant to try someplace different but we instantly fell in love with this hotel and its location. The scene is far from what pops in our minds when we think of Tulum, yet in its peacefulness, privacy, and natural beauty, El Pez turned out to be the perfect definition of what Tulum really is.






The beach and cove at El Pez hotel in Tulum.


Locals and tourists begin to gather at Turtle Cove at El Pez hotel just before sunset.


Relaxing on the private beach at El Pez hotel in Tulum.


In a word…paradise.


Sometimes you have to share the view with a few of the local residents at El Pez hotel.


el pez hotel review

View of El Pez hotel from the water, just before sunset.


  After taking in the view, we passed the hidden pool, like a hidden oasis, nestled in a private nook of its own and stopped by the bar for a drink. Luckily, we caught their daily happy hour and took advantage of their 2-for-1 specials. We sat on the large white deck overlooking the water. There are also some loungers and even a hammock scattered on the sand to the right of the restaurant—in front of the El Pez Beach House—which guests are welcome to use. It’s the perfect spot for those who want to sunbathe or wade into the water to cool off for a bit. We regret never having a chance to enjoy dinner at El Pez.  They had a great menu and judging from the number of happy people eating there that night, as well as the two wedding parties we saw enjoying themselves on the following night, it is something that we are going to have to try on our next visit.

  We regret never that we never had a chance to enjoy dinner at El Pez.  They had a great menu and judging from the number of happy people we saw dining each night, as well as two enthusiastic wedding parties we came across during our stay, it is something we are going to have to remedy on our next visit.


Inside the open-air restaurant at El Pez hotel.








 I’ve told you about the great features of the hotel and the beach at El Pez but another important aspect of your vacation has to do with location. Proximity to everything is so important in places like Tulum. You’re not confined to your hotel here. Instead, you are free to safely roam and explore the area. The location of El Pez was ideal. 

  When we wanted to enjoy some beach time, they had a great stretch of beach in front of the Beach House where we could just relax. If we wanted to explore,  we only had to walk along the water for 5 minutes in either direction to reach busier areas. This means that all the best beaches, restaurants, and shops were easily accessible but we still had to luxury of returning to our own private hideaway.  

  Being so centrally located is great because we never had to spring for a cab. We were free to wander and do as —or as little—as we wanted, knowing that our personal nook in paradise was waiting for us. Every time we walked back to the hotel we smiled because in only two short days we were had grown to love the hotel and looked forward to returning after a busy day.


For more room, guests are welcome to rent the El Pez Beach House with direst access to the beautiful beach.


  Some people might worry that a vacation in Tulum might be roughing it. But places like El Pez hotel offer amenities to make your stay much more comfortable. The simple conveniences that El Pez offered made our stay great. Things like 24-hour electricity, good Wifi service and plenty of electric outlets in our room to charge our devices made life easier. But what made our stay extraordinary were the little touches–things that helped add to the homey feel that we enjoyed while staying there. Things like the basket that waited patiently outside our door at

  For those unwilling to unplug, you can enjoy 24-hour electricity, good Wi-Fi service, and plenty of electric outlets in your room. But what made our stay extraordinary were the little touches. Each morning we found a wicker basket outside our door. In it, a thermos of hot coffee and two mugs. There’s  nothing better than waking up to watch the sun rise over the ocean from our private terrace with our morning coffee. 

  They also offered a delicious complimentary breakfast of fresh fruit, granola, and yogurt down in the restaurant once we were officially ready to start our day. We also appreciated the beach bag they gave us to use when we checked in and used it to carry the beach towels they supplied as well as anything else we needed for our day. It was those little touches that made us feel at home.



Walking down from our Luxury Cabana to the beach at El Pez. Nothing beats direct beach access.


The private pool at El Pez was amazing but doesn’t get much use since you have the best beach in the world outside your door.

Our daily coffee delivered right to our doorstep each morning.


El Pez Tulum

Sunrise from the balcony of our Luxury Cabana.

  If you stay at El Pez hotel, our personal recommendation is a second-floor Luxury Cabana. The price was reasonable and the room played a major role in making our stay so perfect. While we were only two people, it could easily sleep a family of four. And if you didn’t want the sliding doors wide open at night, the slats along the doors were screened and could be opened to let the ocean breeze in. Some people swear by air-conditioning but the breeze was all we needed to sleep comfortably. The Luxury Cabana was a perfect combination of rustic beach getaway and high-end boutique hotel. We’ve been to numerous hotels in the area and still say that this was one of our favorites.


Little touches add to the appeal and style of this amazing beach hotel.





  Every day we stayed at El Pez we were grateful.  We were completely at ease and daydreamed about living there permanently. While it’s sadly not an option, it’s nice to know that places like this exist. If you’re hesitant to book a stay at El Pez because it’s not right on the beach, don’t be. We learned first hand that El Pez offers you everything you could want from a hotel in Tulum and more. It gives you a private piece of paradise that belongs just to you—complete with some of the best rooms in the hotel zone, a great beach, and an awe-inspiring view that you can’t get anywhere else. Plus it provides easy access to all the other popular areas.

  If you’re planning a trip to Tulum and are looking for a place that feels a bit removed from the busy bohemian beach scene but isn’t too isolated, give El Pez hotel a try.  It offers a magical view outside your door but is just a quick walk from all the fantastic Tulum beaches. The staff is warm and always willing to chat or answer questions. But most importantly, It offers you a sense of freedom and relaxation that only the best hotels in the world can offer.


If you’re curious about El Pez, visit their website. Meanwhile, if you’ve stayed at El Pez or have questions about this hotel, write to us below.



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